Tempi Groups:

Make Community Productive.

It’s like Facebook groups meets a simplified Slack for your groups, teamwork, and temporary projects.

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For Groups, Teams, Projects.

Join or create a group pages for your next project for business or social club. Invite unlimited members and make collaboration more affordable for everyone.

Tempi Groups Features:

  • Group & Team Pages

    Each Group page is provided a community board as well as dashboard access to the Group’s communications channels, Group Tasks, and Shared Folders.

  • Group Chats, DMs, Task Chat

    Build flexible team communications with our Team Chat Channels, Direct Messages & Task Chat for each of your temporary team projects.

  • Task Projects & Chats

    Task Chat enables clear collaboration among each member or monitor of the Task efforts, from begining to completion.

  • Manage Shared Folders

    Create shared folders for your temporary team or project and save files from your group chats or tasks to any of your folders.

Group Pages Paired with Team Chats

Dedicated Team Messenger with every page you create. Manage Teams & Temporary Project Chats in one place.

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