Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to say hello, connect, and work better together.

  • Michael Cook, an award-winning artist, spent twelve years moving from project to project as a fractional Creative Director. During this time, he frequently encountered challenges in managing team dynamics and maintaining relationships across various startups and established companies. Temporary projects often led to disorganization and a lack of effective collaboration tools compounded these issues.
    Despite the abundance of communication solutions, Michael noticed consistent friction from the first meeting to the start of collaboration. Teams struggled with where to initiate ideas and managing the costs associated with projects.

    Moreover, crucial ideas often got lost in email threads, and chat apps proved inefficient for truly getting to know teammates. Determined to solve these problems, Michael shared his frustrations with his father, William Cook, an award-winning engineering leader with decades of experience building ‘intelligent systems architectures’ for both commercial and aerospace command & control systems.

  • Together, they set out to create a product that combined enterprise team software capabilities with the needs of a gig economy, aiming to enhance how professionals and companies build relationships and collaborate.
    Inspired by the simplicity of instant payment apps used to split bills, they envisioned a gold standard for project coordination that could also foster connections. This vision led to an innovative idea: integrating all necessary collaboration tools with a digital business card.
    They considered the broader implications: "If the future of business cards is digital, shouldn't we also elevate how we work with the people we meet?"
    From this collaboration, Tempi was born. With a mission to redefine the future of work, Tempi is dedicated to creating a harmonious environment where professionals and organizations can thrive in a gig economy.

The CEO: William Cook

The CEO: William Cook

At Tempi, our commitment extends beyond building a powerful networking platform; we're deeply invested in nurturing the communities we serve. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated programs, we aim to empower veterans and small businesses, helping them unlock new levels of success and opportunity.

2024 Air Force Academy Graduates

2024 Air Force Academy Graduates

Supporting Veterans: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by veterans transitioning into civilian careers, Tempi has developed specialized programs that facilitate this shift. By collaborating with esteemed organizations like the Associations of Graduates at both the US Military Academy at West Point & the US Air Force Academy, we are already providing veterans with access to a network that values their skills and offers substantial support, with further initiatives we’ve started for our entire veteran population. These partnerships help veterans leverage their leadership and problem-solving skills and grow their network in the professional world, opening doors to career & fractional talent opportunities that honor their service.

Empowering Small Businesses: Understanding the hurdles small businesses encounter, Tempi offers tailored solutions that help these enterprises thrive. Our platform equips small businesses with enterprise-level tools, enabling them to operate with the efficiency and reach of much larger corporations. By participating in our programs, small businesses gain not just technological advantages but also a supportive community that’s essential for growth and sustainability.

Tempi is more than just a toolset; it’s a part of a broader mission to enhance economic opportunities and strengthen community ties. Our CEO, William Cook, with his profound experience in leadership and innovation, is particularly passionate about this mission. His dedication stems from a deep-seated belief in giving back to the country that shaped his opportunities and in fostering a global economy that supports hardworking professionals and entrepreneurs everywhere.

William's vision for Tempi is rooted in a commitment to service and excellence—principles he lived by in both his military service and professional life and now seeks to extend through our platform. By supporting veterans and small businesses, Tempi not only contributes to individual success but also plays a vital role in building a more robust and inclusive economy.