What if things got better?

What if everything people needed to succeed came with their business card? Tempi is here to revolutionize networking with purpose, offering a one-of-a-kind platform that inspires more collaborations and opportunities.

Tempi VS Other Guys

Tempi is disrupting the digital business card market with features to help make networking more collaborative with people you meet.

Save Money

Save Money
Ditch The Other Tools

Supporting Small Businesses, Teams, and Professionals.

Collaboration and Networking Costs
20 Team Members

 Business Cards

Paper Business Cards
$80/year each or $1600/year


Digital Business Card Subscription


Team Chat Workspaces


Project Collaboration


Shared Folders

Total App Costs -

$950/mo or $11,400/year

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Digital Business Cards Bio Link Create Goups Join Community Create A Team Chat Workspaces DM’s Chat Channels Manage Relationships Shared Folders Build Connections Temporary Projects

Get Started Free with your digital business card paired with the ultimate collaboration platform.

All-in-one: Simple Switch

Improve the way you work just by upgrading your business card.

Streamline Networking

Manage contacts and relationships in one place.

Save Money

Never buy business cards again and make collaboration more affordable.

Convert More Meetups

Turn more meetings into collaborations

Save More Time

Take the headaches out of sharing your info and inviting people to join your groups, projects, or teams.

No Integration Headaches

One app with no collaboration integrations needed.

One Account For Everything

One login and you can network and join any group, project or collaboration.

Achieve More Opportunities

We want to help everyone build better relationships as they collaborate with people they meet anywhere. Powerful collaborative tools should be available to everyone to create a world full of more opportunity.

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