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Welcome to the Tempi Help Center. For your support we added information for our most common questions. If you need further assistance please open a chat below or email us at

General Questions

Is Tempi a free app?

The Tempi app is a free app, and you can upgrade as your networking and project needs grow. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Do I need a Tempi Card to use the app?

No, the Tempi app does not require an NFC card to use the app. Any user can be invited can create their own profile and invite users to groups or projects. Tempi is a freemium model that allows the flexibility to move from project to project as you build connections.

How does the Tempi Card Work?

The Tempi Card utilizes Near-Field Communications (NFC) Technology which allows You to just Tap your NFC Business Card to anyone’s mobile device. The Mobile Device detects the URL (link) stored in the NFC chip inside the Card and enables immediate display of your Digital Business Card. Our Tempi software allows you to sync or load your Digital Business Card URL to your Tempi Card using the feature in our Menu. You can continue to update your Business Card with new information at any time, and anyone viewing it will always see your latest version! Someone viewing your Digital Business Card can also now send you their Contact Information and even send a Project Inquiry with it – which come into your Saved Contacts section in Tempi, as controlled by you in your Card Settings.

What is the Tempi Platform?

Tempi is an application platform that allows users to access the platform from any device using the Tempi mobile apps and the Tempi web app. The Tempi Mobile App is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The Tempi Web App allows users to access and use the Tempi platform from any computer or device with an internet connection, making Tempi available from anywhere on any device, worldwide.

This means that you can access and use Tempi from whatever device you have from moment to moment, enabling continuous collaboration and communications among your team members. We recommend you download the Tempi mobile app to each of your mobile devices and open it in your browser on your computers.

How can Freelancers Use Tempi?

The tempi app was designed to provide theessentials for freelancers to network, build connections, and build and manageteams for projects. Tempi offersfreelancers the abilities to collect leads with their digital business cards aswell as create and manage projects from those leads. Freelancers can invite unlimited clients toany group or project, they create in the app and make managing their projectsprofessional.

How can Teams use Tempi?

Tempi offers teams the ability to streamline their process from sharing their business cards in meetings to managing projects. This is the most affordable and efficient way to manage temporary projects with any freelancer, vendor, or client. Go to our Teams page to learn more.

How do I get started on Tempi?

Getting started using Tempi is very easy and you can do that in seconds. Follow these easy steps and get started!
1. Click ‘Sign-up’ and set up your personal account profile.
2. If you just bought a new Tempi Business Card, you might want to skip to How do I set-up my Business Card?
‍3. Start setting up your Groups, Shared Folders, Tasks and Events in your Calendar and start collaborating with team members or other participants in your projects, storing your files for easy sharing with others and more.
4. If you have a business or team, you may wish to set up a Business / Organization account. When you set that up, you can also add Admin roles for other team members as needed.
5. Your Tempi account comes with a 2GB data retention plan.
6. To support your team collaboration efforts and use of Tempi features, we recommend you consider upgrading your account to a level that supports you or your team’s needs. The Standard Plan, Business Pro or Business Pro Unlimited each provide a base plan to satisfy your needs and/or those of your teams and temporary projects.
7. Upgrading your account is simple and accomplished by going to your Accounts Center. See the You Page Menu and select “View Account Center & Plans”
8. To Set-up your Business Card, go Here

Digital Business Cards

What devices do the Tempi NFC Cards Support?

The Tempi Cards are NFC digital business cards that use NFC chips/tags that are detected by phones build in the past 5 years. If you should find an older phone that doesn’t detect your business card URL, just open your Business Card in the app and share your QR Code to their camera which will open your Digital Business Card.

Can I sync other NFC Devices to my Tempi Business Card Account?

Yes, if you purchase any other devices that are not Tempi Cards, they should be compatible with iPhone and Android phones if they contain an NTAG213 or NTAG215 NFC chip/tag within them, and if they are, they should enable your Digital Business Card URL to be loaded into it.

Is it free to create a business card profile?

Tempi is a free mobile and web app platform designed to help people work better together. Anyone can join the platform for free and set up a profile page and start networking with their digital QR Code or public URL link.

How do I create or update my business card profile?

Go to the menu or “You” page of the app. This is where you can manage your account, sync any NFC cards, and add your personal information to your business card account. You may preview your business card after you upload your information by hitting the “Preview Card” button on the page.

How can I sync my Tempi Card to my Profile?

To Set-up your Business Card, go to the You Page  in the App and take the following simple steps:
1. Go to the You page Menu and select Load NFC Device.
2. Click Get Started
3. A Ready to Scan pop-up will display.
4. Hold your NFC Business Card to your Phone and you’ll see a Checkmark show in the pop-up.
5. The software will then say Congratulations, your NFC device has been successfully loaded.

Card Purchasing

How do I get a Tempi Business Card for me or my team?

Simple. Go to our Card store at and purchase Business Cards for yourself or for every member of your team!

What if I want to customize the Business Cards with a Logo?

Sure – we can do that. We sell Customized Business Cards with your Logo engraved into our top of the line Black Metal NFC Business Cards. Go to our Card store at and select the Custom Business Cards and we’ll gladly engrave your cards for you.

Does Tempi offer any special deals for Card Purchasing and Tempi Subscriptions?


When you purchase any Tempi Card, you will be provided with a Discount Code with your Confirmation Email that you can use to upgrade your Tempi account with an annual or monthly subscription.

When a Tempi User subscribes to our Standard Plan or Business Pro levels, they are also provided with a Discount Code to purchase Business Cards.

With our Tempi Business Pro Unlimited package, you are provided with 50 Custom engraved Tempi Business Cards (customized with your specified Logo) along with the Tempi subscription for your teams/company.

Return Policy

No Returns or Refunds for Tempi Business Card purchases. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your card, or your product is damaged in shipping, then please contact our customer service and we will then ship you a replacement card.

Manage Accounts

How do I manage my / our accounts in Tempi?

Simply go to the You  page Menu and select View Account Center & Plans. Every User has a personal account. If you set-up one or more Business / Organization Accounts, you will also see those accounts.

If you are invited as an Admin for a Business / Organization Account, you will see that account. Each account can be easily upgraded by selecting the Subscription you choose and entering your Credit Card payment information. The system will complete your subscription purchase and upgrade your account immediately when the purchase is completed.

How do I delete my Account?

You can delete your personal account or an organization account by taking the following steps. Go to the menu and click “Manage in Account Center” this will open Accounts Center where you can delete and manage your account.

Can I use the same email for more than one subscription?

Each Person (with one email login) has one personal account. You can also then establish as many business / organization accounts as you choose. The personal account and each business/organization account can each have their own separate subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in Accounts Center located in the menu of the app. Your subscription renewal payment will be cancelled, and your account’s subscription service will continue until the end of the current subscription period.

How do I upgrade and add a subscription to my Account?

Go to Accounts Center and select the Plan you wish to use for your Personal or Business Account. Enter your payment information and complete the purchase.

Upgrading Your Current Subscription.

Upgrades are offered to the Standard Plan and Business Pro Plans and are executed using the Credit Card on file from your initial purchase. The amount paid is the calculated pro rata amount due until your next scheduled payment. After upgrading your renewal payments will include the base subscription price plus the upgrade you have selected.

What is the difference between a business account my personal account?

Your personal accountis established when you create your personal profile on Tempi. You can subscribe with this account andestablish any number of Groups with unlimited members. A Business or Organization Account can beestablished, and you can add Administrators for that account and subscribe fromthat account. The Creator and accountAdministrators can establish as many Groups and invite as many Group members asdesired. A user can create as manybusiness or organization accounts as desired, upgrade to any subscriptionlevel, establish admins, and invite unlimited members without additional cost.

Account Center

The account center is accessed in the main menu of the app or the “You” page. This is where you can create additional business accounts, invite admins teams to your organization, and delete your accounts.

Payment Schedule.

If you choose our Annual Billing option, your Credit Card will be charged once a year on the anniversary of your subscription. If you choose our Monthly Billing option, your Credit Card will be charged once a month on the anniversary of your subscription date.

Can I back-up my files in case I deleted them by mistake?

Can I back-up my files in case I deleted them by mistake?

Teams & Groups

How do I create a Team or Group?

You can create a group page on the homepage of the app and invite unlimited members on any plan.

Is there a limit on how many groups I can create?

You can create unlimited groups and teams for any organization or project. Invite as many users as you want to any group without a subscription and subscribe to a higher data plan only when you need to support larger groups and projects.

How does my team collaborate with freelancers, vendors, or clients?

Tempi provides many ways to collaborate with each other AND with anyone you choose to invite. Tempi does not charge per user, so your Group can include as many as you choose. Tasks and Shared Folders can include members of your Group as well as any external person – whether they belong to Tempi or not. Simply create a Group, Task or Shared Folder or Calendar Event and invite anyone you choose (inside or outside of Tempi) and Tempi will invite them to that Group, Task, Shared Folder or Calendar event within the system if they’re already a user, or by email if they are not.

What happens to the projects and data if I delete my group?

If you delete a group, you will automatically delete all associated projects, shared folders, events, and chats that were assigned to that group. Of course, the user is asked to confirm this before the action is completed. All Members should receive a notification that the group was deleted.

What is the best productivity plan for small Teams?

If you have a small team or organization, we recommend the Business Pro plans for teams over 5 people and the Standard plan for 1 to 5 team members. If you share a lot of large files and folders, we recommend you moving your team up to the Business Pro plan. If you have any further questions about larger plans, please email

What is the best plan for larger teams or groups?

If you have a larger team, we recommend our Business Pro Unlimited Plan which was designed to support larger organizations. This package comes with 50 Custom Business Cards for your team members and discounts on additional cards. Book an appointment with our sales team to learn more about special offers and discounts given to larger organizations.

Tempi Tasks & Projects

How do I assign a Task project to my group?

You can do this in multiple ways.
• Go to your Group and at the top, select Tasks. Select + New Task. This creates it as a Group Task.
• If you create a Task elsewhere, such as in the Task Chat section or by Creating a Task in Saved Contacts from a Project Inquiry, you are given an option to ‘assign’ the Task to one of your groups (just select the group you want) or to a personal or business organization account.

Can I invite members outside of my teams to Tempi Task Projects?

Yes! Whenever you create a Task Project, you can invite others to be members. The Invite Menu shown allows you to invite persons from any Tempi user, your device contacts or simply by entering an email address. If invited by email, that person will receive an email invite to your Task and when they accept, they will become a new member of that Task.

How many people can I invite to a single task project?

As many as you wish. There’s no limit to the number of Task ‘members’ you can invite to a task project.

What happens if I delete a task project before it is done?

If you choose to delete a Task, you are asked to confirm this choice, but you can do that if you choose since you are in control of all your information in Tempi.

Where do I manage all my Tasks?

All of the Tasks that you have personally created or accepted an invitation (are a member of) to will show in your My Tasks section of the Home page