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Custom Digital business cards paired with collaboration app.

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Founded by Creators to support professional & small business collaborations.

Tap & Share your custom smart card and custom digital profile page.

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Turn your business card into a collaboration powerhouse.

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Steve G.

Pairing these two things together was genius.

Cheryl. W

Easy solution for my first small business.

Robert P.

Robert P.Everyone on our team loves their new cards and platform.

Kurtis D.

A platform and business card for new entrepreneurs.

Frank W.

Great tool to help keep my small business costs low.

Improve the way you work just by upgrading your business card.

Improve the way you work just by upgrading your business card.

Streamline Networking

Manage contacts and relationships in one place.

Save Money

Never buy business cards again and make collaboration more affordable.

Convert More Meetups

Turn more meetings into collaborations

Save More Time

Take the headaches out of sharing your info and inviting people to join your groups, projects, or teams.

No Integration Headaches

One app with no collaboration integrations needed.

One Account For Everything

One login and you can network and join any group, project or collaboration.

A father and son changing the future of work.

Two founders an award winning engineer and a creative director take their expertise to change the future of collaboration and networking for small businesses and freelancers everywhere.

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