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Tempi Black Card

Tempi Black Card

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Get a Tempi Black Smart Card to sync with your account and network.

Save More With Tempi Card

Save Money: Eliminate the need for your team to spend money on traditional business cards with Tempi's digital solution.

Supports Collaborations: We launched the first smart card paired with a powerful app to support networking and collaborations for creators, professionals, and small businesses.

Card Size: Cards are 3.375 inches wide by 2.125 inches high. This is the same size as a a credit card or government-issued driver's license.

About Tempi Card:

Elevate your networking game with the Tempi UV Black NFC Card – not just a card, but your gateway to seamless connections and collaborations. Crafted with premium matte black polyvinyl, this card showcases sophistication and functionality. Tap your Tempi Card to any compatible smartphone or utilize the QR code on your profile to instantly share a plethora of information: contact details, social media links, portfolio highlights, website, payment apps, and more.

Tempi Cards are not your ordinary business cards; they're equipped with cutting-edge NFC technology, ensuring compatibility with smartphones from the last five years. In case you encounter an older device, fear not – simply open your Business Card in the Tempi app and share your QR Code with their camera to open your Digital Business Card.

Unlock the power of networking and collaboration with Tempi – where innovation meets impact. The Tempi Card isn't just a card; it's your key to efficient and effective connections, coupled with a free app that empowers you to ignite collaborations as you network. Upgrade your networking experience and unlock more workflows– choose Tempi.

Tempi Cards are NFC-enabled digital business cards that work with NFC chips/tags, which are detectable by smartphones built within the last 5-7 years. In the event you encounter an older phone that doesn’t recognize your business card URL, you can easily open your Business Card in the app and share your QR Code with their camera, granting access to your Digital Business Card.

To safeguard our company against fraudulent claims, we regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds.

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