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Our Mission

To provide an affordable collaboration platform focused on helping small businesses and freelancers in their efforts to manage communications and tasks in their daily lives. 

Our origin Story

Two years ago, a father and son were approached by some friends who were frustrated by their need as small business leaders to collaborate with their team members and to survive managing daily tasks from hired freelancers and the changing economy.  Other collaboration applications out there were just too expensive and complicated.

Since William and his son Michael had both been independently running their own small businesses, they agreed they wanted to help. Together, they began exploring the problem more deeply. Realizing that both were experts in their field they could work together and develop the solution together.

William Cook graduated from West Point and served as a young US Army officer. Since then, he has led and collaborated on many multi-billion dollar engineering projects as well as developed his own engineering firm, Intelligent Systems Research, Inc. William has consistently made building great software ‘systems that think’ a reality.. (CEO - William Cook Background)


Michael Cook, a well known designer and entrepreneur, is the Chief Designer Officer of Tempi, and the Co- Founder of creativetalent.com (DBA The Street Art Loft). Michael has his master’s degree in media design and advertising with an emphasis in strategy and brand development. Michael loves to illustrate and design, lead creative projects, and help businesses develop branding and marketing strategies to help their businesses grow. Michael has been consulting as a small business/freelancer for the past 10 years and has worked with many different brands to grow their identity and generate sales.


William and Michael set out to recruit top-notch talent and together have created something very special in Tempi, focused on helping small businesses collaborate!

"We will be the first tool any small team or business uses to grow. "

William Cook. CEO Tempi, inc.