The Tempi Smart Card

Your NFC Smart Card to tap and share your digital business card, manage relationships, and start collaborations.

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Learn why Tempi software is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to elevate professionals and teams.

The What?

What is a digital business card? 

A digital business card is an electronic version of a traditional business card, featuring contact details like name, phone number, and email in a digital format.

It surpasses physical cards by offering interactive links, social media connectivity, and real-time updates, while also promoting environmental sustainability and cost savings by eliminating the need for paper. Tempi elevates this concept by providing a platform for advanced features, including lead management, collaboration, and networking tailored to the gig economy.

Enterprise Card Partnerships

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Custom or Tempi Cards For Enterprise Teams

Upgrade your team's networking game with Tempi's Custom NFC Cards, designed exclusively for enterprise Team Plans. Tempi offers the most affordable packages ever, allowing teams of any size to ditch traditional business cards and adopt NFC technology for as low as $2 per card for large-scale teams. With Tempi's Custom NFC Cards, your team can effortlessly share contact information, collaborate seamlessly, and build stronger professional connections, all while reducing costs and environmental impact. Elevate your team's networking experience and embrace the future of business cards with Tempi's Custom NFC Cards.

The Why?

Your Journey From Networking to Collaborations.

  • Design

    A Free Digital Card & Start Networking

  • Connect

    Manage Clients or Professional Relationships

  • Start Collaborations

    Open Temporary Collaborations with other professionals.

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At Tempi, we're dedicated to empowering professionals to forge stronger relationships and enabling businesses to thrive in the evolving gig economy. Our platform facilitates seamless network management, fosters meaningful connections, and enhances collaboration on Temporary Projects. While the Tempi Smart Card is optional, its integration elevates your networking experience and leaves a lasting impression. Sign up for your free account today and join us in shaping the future of networking and collaboration with Tempi.