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One login to manage multiple accounts

Groups & Account Admins

Create multiple accounts with one login and select which groups you want associated with your accounts.

Group Chats, DMs, Task Chat

Group communications for your team with integrated task chat for group members to collaborate with individuals on tasks.

Sharing Files & Folders

Team members create folders in their group and invite members inside the group or outside the group to collaborate in that specific folder.

More collaboration features

Community Page

Group hub provides easy access to all group features.  Engage with your group by posting files, pics and videos to your Group Community Page.

Tempi Tasks

Assign tasks to one or more team member or outside freelancers, providing a checklist for subtasks when needed with due date or work shift period options. Task Chat provides chat between task ‘members’ for focused collaboration. Checklist item completion and file sharing helps ensure task completion.


Push notices and in-app notifications on your mobile app & desktop let you know of updates & messages as your groups collaborate

Task Due Dates & Events

Task due dates or work shift periods are automatically scheduled in the task member's calendar when they accept a task with reminders that notifies them of the upcoming due date or work shift.

Our plans support everyone

Tempi is the most cost effective solution to help your small businesses and teams scale.  Use only what your team needs.
Upgrade to support your group’s data storage as you go with unlimited users - no individual user fees.

Free Plan

Get started with our collaboration platform - invite your team & freelancers to your groups, folders and tasks

  • Temporary File Retention (3 days)
  • Create Unlimted Groups
  • Join Any Task or Group
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Standard Plan

All you need to get started, perfect for your small groups or freelancer needs

  • Retain Data (100GB)
  • Create Groups & Tasks
  • Unlimited Groups & Members
  • Join Any Task or Group

$9.99/month + tax

Business Pro

Save more as you grow your team!   

  • Retain Data (500GB)
  • Create Groups & Tasks
  • Unlimited Groups & Members
  • Join Any Task or Group
  • Additonal Discounts

$49.99/month + tax

Looking for an Enterprise option?

Have bigger data retention needs?  We are here to help support businesses of all sizes.

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